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We have quite a few printers at CRICS spread out all over campus. The 3 main printers are located in L301 and C203 (IT Office).


Black/White Printing

The printer in L301 is a big printer that can be used for high-speed prints and copies and is called L301

There are actually 2 big printers in C203 but in the printing interface on your device (once you have been set up with the printers by the IT Team) you will only see one printer called C203. When you send a print job to this printer it will send it to the next available printer in C203. This ensures that your document gets printed as quickly as possible and also ensures that when one of the 2 printers is broken or jammed that you print job does not get sent to the broken one.


Color Printing

There are also several color printers spread across campus. They are named as follows:

  • C203Color
  • BrotherLibrary
  • BrotherOffice

C203 Color is as the name suggests located in C203 (IT Office).

BrotherLibrary is located in the Library.

BrotherOffice is located in the admin office where Mrs. Tabitha works.

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